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Shougang Environment Industry Co., Ltd.

Shougang Environment Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shougang Environment), a wholly owned subsidiary of Shougang Group, is an important plate platform for Shougang Group to develop new industries and create the urban integrated service provider and committed to providing users with the customized urban solid waste solution with a full cycle, whole process, and various functions.

With years of practical experience in the field of environmental protection, Shougang Environment administers and invests in Beijing Shougang Bioenergy Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Shougang Technological Development Company for Comprehensive Utilization of Resources, Beijing Shouhua Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Shouke Xingye Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Changzhi Shougang Bioenergy Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Tangshan Caofeidian Dunshi New Building Materials Co., Ltd., Beijing Shoutong Zhiyuan Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., environmental monitoring centre and other companies. The main business includes: technological research and development, project development, investment construction and operation management in the field of urban environmental protection; incineration and power generation of domestic garbage, utilization of construction waste, restoration of polluted sites, research and development of ecological building materials and consigned processing, hazardous waste resource treatment, environmental and energy-saving detection and so on.

Under the aid of Shougang Group’s strong comprehensive strength, advanced technology and rich project operation experience, Shougang Environment undertakes the construction and operation of many landmark projects, namely Beijing Shougang Bioenergy Project (3,000 tons/ day), the waste incineration power plant with the largest single operation scale in the world, Lujiashan Circular Economy (venous industry) Base, Beijing City, China’s first national circular economy demonstration park, Shougang Construction Waste Resource Treatment Project (1 million tons / year), the first demonstration project of construction waste resource treatment in Beijing, Shougang Domestic Garbage Slag Incineration Dry Treatment Project (200,000 tons / year), China’s first domestic garbage slag incineration dry treatment project built and running stably and Shougang Thermal Desorption Soil Remediation Project (180,000 tons / year), China’s first thermal desorption soil remediation demonstration project in the contaminated site of iron and steel metallurgical industry.

Being a Beijing and Zhongguancun high-tech company, Shougang Environment is devoted to technological progress and technological innovation. The Company was responsible for 10 projects successively, such as National Science and Technology Support Program, 863, National Natural Science Foundation and major projects of the “13th Five-year Plan” of the Ministry of Science and Technology; undertook 5 science and technology innovation projects of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport and other departments; carried out 11 new technology research and development projects independently, won 28 awards, such as National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award, China Metallurgical Science and Technology Award, China Patent Award, Beijing Science and Technology Award and Shougang Science and Technology Award, presided over the formulation of 4 national standards and 1 industrial standard and participated in the preparation of 5 standards, such as industrial standard, local standard, technical regulation and technical guideline. The lab for comprehensive utilization of solid waste has been built and equipped with more than 120 sets of experimental and testing instruments and equipment, and has been certified by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and obtained the certificate of Beijing new technology and new products (services) and the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) for inspection and testing institutions issued by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. It has been listed as “Zhongguancun Open Lab”, “Beijing Municipal Patent Pilot Company” and “Beijing Engineering and Technology Research Center” and entered the “Catalogue of Advanced and Applicable Technological Equipment of Industrial Resources Comprehensive Utilization” prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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