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Introduction to Beijing Shougang Medical & Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

Established in May 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shougang Group, with registered capital of RMB 30 million, Beijing Shougang Medical & Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (‘MHI Company’) mainly undertakes industrial platform construction, industry investment, development and operation management as a responsible subject in developing the medical and health care industry of the Shougang Group.

The MHI Company has established the Shougang Pharmaceutical Company, invested in the Laonianfu Nursing Home in Shijingshan District, undertaken the publically built and privately operated Pension Project in Shimenying of Mentougou District, and established the Qinxinyuan Pension Caring Center of Mentougou District, as well as the community pension station. It is currently boosting the early stage construction of the Shougang International Ecological Health Industry Park Project which has a floor area of 9.32 hectares and a planned building area of 115,200m2, including the planned construction of a secondary elderly rehabilitation hospital, aiming at creating an institutional pension flagship project with demonstration functions.

The business scope of Shougang Pharmaceutical Company includes the wholesale of proprietary Chinese medicines, chemical agents, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, medical equipment II and III and medical equipment leasing; it is also responsible for the centralized procurement business of medical supplies for medical institutions within the Shougang Group. As non-profit pension agencies, the Laonianfu Nursing Home in Shijingshan District and Qinxinyuan Pension Caring Center in Mentougou District are mainly responsible for providing such services as pensions, health care, entertainment and fitness, and they are known in surrounding communities for providing the ‘6-helps’ household pension service.

Subject to the orientation of Shougang’s ‘13th Five-year Plan’ development and planning, the MHI Company will shape itself into a health medical industry company integrating medical care, pensions and healthy development as soon as possible, as while also striving to become a medical care and pensions integrated service provider in Beijing with industry influence.

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