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Brief Introduction to the Cadre Training of the Shougang Group

Release Time锛2017-03-29 15:24:08

The Shougang Talent Development Institute (Shougang Party School), the strategic support department of the Shougang Corporation and training institution within the enterprise, focuses on training middle-level leaders, reserve leaders and senior personnel. According to the requirements of the Company's Party Committee, this institute routinely holds special training classes for young cadres, leadership training courses, training courses for professional managers, overseas training courses for cadres and training courses for high-level innovative scientific and technological talents.

I. Special training courses for Shougang鈥檚 young cadres

The targeted participants of special training courses for Shougang鈥檚 young cadres are outstanding young cadres of the Shougang Group. This course follows the guidance of the 鈥楧eng Xiaoping Theory鈥, the important thought of the 鈥楾hree Represents鈥 and the 鈥楽cientific Outlook on Development鈥, comprehensively implements the guiding principles of the 18th National Party Congress and the 3rd and 4th plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, puts into practice the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping鈥檚 major speeches, implements the spirit of the National Conference of Ministers of the organization and new requirements on building a leadership team, and complies with the new situation and new tasks of deepening the reform, transformation and development of Shougang, aiming to cultivate business leaders with excellent political qualities, business qualities and working styles conforming to the development demands of Shougang.

The main training contents include: military training, basic theory and the Party鈥檚 line, principles and policies, fine Party traditions and Party spirit training, working methods and leadership art, basic tasks of deepening Shougang鈥檚 reform, class teaching, thesis and graduation.

II. Training for grassroots Party secretaries and chairmen of Shougang

The training for grassroots Party secretaries and chairmen aims to implement the spirit of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th Party Central Committee and Party Construction Work Conference for National State-owned Enterprises, help them thoroughly appreciate the current situation and tasks, accurately grasp the overall requirements of Party committee work and corporate governance, strive to solve key issues in Party committee work and the construction of the board of directors, and comprehensively enhance the scientific level of grassroots Party construction and corporate governance, as well as enhancing the capacity of carrying out the functions and professional level of the grassroots Party secretaries and chairmen of Shougang.

This training program adopts an off-job mode, and the students are grassroots Party secretaries and chairmen of the Group. The main contents include: lectures from the leadership of the Headquarters and relevant departments, analysis and decision-making of the company鈥檚 financial reports, study and discussion of difficult problems in the work, visiting and learning from the experience of advanced enterprises, and corporate Party and cultural construction.

III. Oversea training courses for young cadres of Shougang

The overseas training courses for young cadres of Shougang is a training activity jointly held by the Shougang Corporation and Beijing Foreign Enterprise Service Group Co., Ltd. (FESCO). Through this training, the students will increase their international management knowledge, expand their foreign economic and trade perspective, and improve their international operation and management capabilities, thus laying a solid foundation for Shougang's overseas business operation and management.

IV. Training for Shougang鈥檚 middle-level management cadres

Middle-level management cadres, the backbones of the enterprise, are the key force for the implementation of strategies. They should be aware of the overall situation and also familiar with specific business operations. Using theoretical explanation, subject discussion, group debate, case analysis, multimedia teaching, role play, field simulation, management games, field development training, sand table simulation, business visits, field operation guidance and other forms, Shougang鈥檚 training for middle-level management cadres can help the students update their management philosophy, improve their management capacity, master effective management methods and enhance their execution, thereby cultivating elite management personnel. 

Main training contents: professional managers' role orientation and concept change, how to change from managers to leaders, leaders' four roles, interpersonal ideas and skills, business etiquette, six thinking hats, crisis public relations and media response.

The Shougang Talent Development Institute follows the guiding principle of 鈥楽erving Shougang, High-End Oriented, Capacity-Based and Full Coverage鈥 and focuses on the Group's 鈥楾hirteen Five鈥 strategic planning requirements. It is application鈥搊riented, combines organizational needs, job requirements and individual needs, establishes grading and classified training systems, and improves the overall quality and ability of cadres and workers in an all-round way.

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