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Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd. incorporated on June 21, 2010 is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shougang Group Co., Ltd. that assumes the development task of relocating the reclaimed land of Beijing Shougang. Its main business includes: project investment and management, land development, real estate development, general construction contracting, professional contracting, sales of commercial houses, real estate brokerage, real estate price assessment, property management, material sales, technical consulting and service, and it undertakes the development and construction of new comprehensive service area for high-end industry of Shougang. 

Shougang Construction Investment Company has 13 professional management departments including Planning and Design Department, Engineering Construction Department, Municipal Infrastructure Department, Cost Control Center, Investment Promotion Center, Operation and Maintenance Department, Industry Development Department, Project Coordination Department of the Big Diving Platform, Safety and Environmental Protection Department, Planning and Risk Control Department, Financial Management Center, Party and Group Work Department and Administration Department.

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