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Shougang Sets a New Benchmark for Green Logistics

Release Time锛2019-06-14 09:38:03

Recently, the launching ceremony for the green logistics new energy vehicle of Shougang Co., Ltd. was held. The purely electric new generation intelligent network heavy-duty truck officially entered the transportation sequence of Shougang, marking an important step for Shougang's zero emissions of green logistics, and becoming the frontrunner of green logistics in the steel industry. 

With the further deepening of national environmental governance, Shougang Co., Ltd. responded quickly, determined the goal of zero emissions from logistics transportation, and vigorously promoted LNG (liquefied natural gas) clean energy vehicles. This time, with military and civil integration, Shougang worked with Li Songnian鈥檚 team to jointly promote the development of electric heavy truck projects that apply advanced motor, battery, electronic control, 5G network, data transmission, vehicle networking, Beidou positioning, security control, intelligent driving, and other advanced technologies. It is equipped with advanced intelligent devices such as on-board sensors and controllers to achieve safe, comfortable, energy-saving, and efficient driving of heavy-duty trucks, being green, environmentally friendly, safe, and reliable, with fast charging and good economic efficiency, and saving energy costs by more than 60% compared with fuel vehicles.

At present, Shougang Co., Ltd. has implemented the shipment of products and the transportation of vehicles in the factory with clean new energy vehicles. In the next step, according to the effect of the use of electric vehicles, Shougang will formulate a purely electric heavy truck promotion plan, further increase the proportion of electric vehicles after the electric heavy truck technology becomes mature, and gradually replace all fuel vehicles with electric vehicles to fully achieve the goal of zero emissions from logistics and transportation.

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