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The Northern District Planning of Shougang Wins the Highest Award in International Planning Academia

Release Time:2019-05-27 09:46:00



Recently, the Northern District Planning of the New Shougang High-End Industrial Integrated Service Zone won the “Award for Excellence 2018 from the ISOCARP”, which is currently the highest award in international planning academia.

After several rounds of evaluation by experts from around the world, Shougang’s project stood out from many application projects in the end and won the “Award for Excellence 2018”. The award is also another honor in international planning circles after the Royal Town Planning Institute awarded the “Award of Excellence 2017” to the Northern District Planning of Shougang. It is another recognition of the innovative planning ideas and methods of Shougang Park.

The judges of the ISOCARP believe that “Shougang Park, as one of the largest urban renewal areas in China, has very rich industrial heritage. The practice of urban renewal and reuse of the Shougang Park project has strongly supported the hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Its planning innovation is manifested by three pillars of development: leading the sustainable development of Beijing, coping with climate change, and demonstrating economic transformation.”

The “Award for Excellence 2018 of the ISOCARP” was established in 2005 to recognize innovative projects in urban and regional planning. It is the highest honor awarded by the ISOCARP to cities, regions or institutions, and is also the highest award in the field of international planning academia at present. The ISOCARP, established in 1965, is an international professional organization accredited by UN-Habitat and the Council of Europe, as well as an official advisory body for UNESCO. Its members are senior planners from more than 80 countries from around the world, who aim to promote urban regional development through planning, research, education, and training.

The Shougang project is equally as famous as other award-winning projects worldwide, which fully shows that it is in line with the latest sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and the planning concepts, methods, and content of Shougang Park are recognized and meet the international standards for excellent planning, with an advanced level in the world. As an internationally recognized award-winning project, it has great influence on the future of urban planning and construction in Beijing. It is a demonstration project of urban renewal and construction in Beijing and has reference value for other cities at home and abroad.

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