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Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Construction background. To successfully hold the 2008 Olympic Games and implement the overall urban planning of Beijing, the National Development and Reform Commission formally approved of Shougang's programs of relocation, structural adjustment and environmental governance and agreed that Shougang build a modern large steel company in Caofeidian, Tangshan, Hebei, on February 18, 2005. 

The construction of Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to "Shougang Jingtang Company") has always received the cordial attention from the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and other leaders visited Shougang Jingtang Company to investigate and give important instructions. The construction goals of “high starting point, high standards, high requirements, first-rate products, first-rate management, first-rate environment, and first-rate benefits” have been proposed. Since it was put into production, it has won the National May 1st Labor Award, the 5th National Civilization Unit, the 4th China Industry Awards Recognition Award and the 9th China Baosteel Environmental Excellence Award. 

Construction process. On October 22, 2005, Shougang Jingtang Company was established. The total investment of the first stage of the project was RMB 67.7 billion and was designed to produce 8.98 million tons of iron, 9.7 million tons of steel and 9.13 million tons of steel products. Construction began on March 12, 2007. On May 21, 2009, No.1 blast furnace with 5,500 cubic meters ignited and blown with air to produce iron, and then some processes of steelmaking, hot rolling and cold rolling were successively put into operation, marking the completion of one-step project across the whole line; on June 26, 2010, the first phase of the project was completed and put into production.

As an important carrier for Shougang's relocation adjustment, transformation and development, Shougang Jingtang Company is the first large-scale steel company with a scale of 10 million tons that implements the relocation of urban iron and steel enterprises in China, and is designed and constructed in full accordance with the concept of circular economy.

Significant characteristic advantages. The overall technology and equipment of Shougang Jingtang Company reached the world's top level in the 21st century, becoming an internationally-advanced plate production base, a model plant for independent innovation and a symbolic energy-saving and emission-reducing factory for the development of circular economy. With features and advantages of being adjacent to the sea and close to the port, raw materials and products can be transported by sea, which significantly reduces the transport costs. What’s more, it also has the shining points of boasting compact process, large-scale equipment, advanced technology, high-end products, recycling economy, clean environment and high-efficiency management; it fully reflects the construction objectives. For instance, with large-scale equipment like blast furnace of 5,500 cubic meters, converter of 300 tons, hot rolling of 2,250 mm, cold rolling of 2,230 mm, etc., it constitutes a high-efficiency but low-cost production and operation system; it adopts 220 advanced technologies at home and abroad, reaching two-thirds of independent innovation and integration innovation; it implements the concept of circular economy, and realizes high-efficiency conversion of energy like residual pressure, residual heat and residual gas, maximizing the degree of saving energy and reducing emission.

High-quality and high-end products. The company always pursues the goal of producing high-quality steel products to meet the needs of the development of the national economy, and optimizes continuously the variety structure. Since it was put into production, it has obtained a total of 22 “Golden Cup Awards” for the physical quality of metallurgical products, of which 4 products have received the “Special Quality Award”.

The variety structure is continuously optimized, namely 373 product brands can be produced now, among which, hot-rolled products have formed the product line taking high-strength steel, pipeline steel, weathering steel as the key. Cold-rolled products include automotive plates, home appliance plates, tin plates, special plates, color coated plates and other fine sheet. Meanwhile, the market share of its products has been continuously rising with the market share of home appliance plates, automotive plates, wheel steels, pipeline steels and other products has been among the highest in the industry, rapidly increasing its market influence.

Practice circular economy. The company accords with the trend requirements of the circular economy and green environmental protection for the development of the steel industry, sticks to the principle of “reduction, reuse and recycling”, featuring the low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency, and has three major functions of the 21st century new generation steel mill: lean manufacturing of products, efficient energy conversion and full use of waste, becoming an environmental-friendly and resource-efficient green mill.

The company makes full use of the advantages of its location to fully develop the seawater and has made breakthroughs in the four aspects: seawater direct cooling power generation, seawater desulfurization, seawater desalination, and comprehensive utilization of seawater chemical resources. The system integration of full-process water resources utilization technology, management model, ladder water and water treatment process can achieve a water cycle utilization rate of 98.8%. It converts “sea water resources” into “freshwater resources” by the virtue of “secondary energy” and builds four sets of low-temperature and multi-effect distillation seawater desalination devices, having a daily output of 50,000 tons. The initial formation of the seawater comprehensive utilization industrial chain created by the desalination of seawater will supply the strong brine to Sanyou Chemical Group, thus realizing the coordinated development with the local enterprises.

Lay emphasis on environmental protection. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and invest 7.6 billion yuan in environmental protection, accounting for 11.21 percent of project investment; the environmental protection cost is RMB 178 per ton of steel (operating cost is RMB 135). Construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the environmental assessment of the project, and strict control measures shall be taken for waste gas, waste water and solid waste to basically achieve zero emission. It builds 16 sets of online environmental monitoring systems, and interconnects with government environmental protection agencies for effective and real-time monitoring of waste gas, wastewater, atmospheric environment, etc. At present, the smoke dust emission of a ton of steel is 0.42 kg, and sulfur dioxide emission of a ton of steel is 0.40 kg, having reached the leading domestic level. 

Construction of the Enterprise Culture. The company adheres to the people-oriented principle, strengthens construction of corporate culture, cultivates and implements the core values of socialism, promotes the building of a harmonious enterprise, creates a learning enterprise, achieves a common growth of employees and enterprise, and encourages employees to achieve the goal of “three highs and four first-rates” to strive hard for accelerating the construction of the world's most influential steel plant.

Shougang Jingtang Company constructs four major projects: “Homeland”, “Heartland”, “Magpie Bridge” and “Cohesion” to ensure the sustainable and healthy development. It deepened the "Homeland" project, and had built dormitories before the factory and built and purchased houses, forming the living pattern of integrating Caofeidian District, Sanjia and the front of the factory; it had built learning, recreating and living facilities to create a good learning and living environment for employees. It implemented the "Heartland" project and carried activities like sending blessings in festivals, sending cool in summer, families’ visiting island, doing practical and good things for employees; it held cultural and sports activities with the theme of “Healthy Jingtang, Artistic Jingtang and Literary Jingtang”, enhancing the cohesion of employees. It promoted the “Magpie Bridge” project, expended the external resources, built service network of “Meet in Jingtang” and had a collective wedding has been held for 287 young workers to enhance their sense of identity and sense of belonging. It built “Cohesion” project, carried forward the spirit of Shougang, implemented the culture of fine plates and vigorously commended various advanced models to encourage employees to make achievements and contribute wisdom and strength to the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

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